Towards a sustainable future.

There has been growing interest in adopting and promoting sustainable practices. As the market leader of the industry, we recognise the role that we play in leading the way for change – and the difference we make when we make a bid for green catering.


Creating a responsible supply chain.

We only work with suppliers who share our values so we can be sure the ingredients we get are not only fresh, but responsibly sourced as well – both socially and environmentally.


Looking out for our planet.

The cornware utensils we use are 100% biodegradable so they don’t lie around years later to pollute our environment. We also protect our forests by using FSC-certified paper napkins. That way, we ensure no trees are wrongfully felled. And as users of these products, you and your guests are easily part of our green efforts as well!


Empowering our community.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to work with our community. One example is our partnership with MINDS. Together, we provide continual employment for their intellectually disabled members. The cutlery packets that come with your meals are an example of their hard work.