Hello, we’re Deli Hub.

Because every event and taste preferences are unique, plan your own buffet spread from our wide range of local favourites and international craves. There’s definitely no shortage of options here!

Catered for the workplace.

Today, Deli Hub is one of the largest corporate caterers in Singapore. We’re Neo Group’s experts in the workplace. We understand the nuances of business events, and create packages that work for all your corporate needs.

Plus, we’re halal-certified. Not only that, we’ve got plenty of dietary options as well. That’s important. Because everyone at your event should leave well-fed and happy. And that, as your trusted partner in corporate catering, is our biggest responsibility.


Work with an experienced team.

We believe quality comes with experience. Having been in this for more than 10 years, we’ve grown to know what works, what doesn’t, and what’s truly amazing.


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Our philosophy.

We’re very strict on ourselves when it comes to delivering a wonderful experience for you and your guests. And we stand by these five principles to keep us on track.

  • Service excellence.

    We’ve got experts at every step of the way to give you a hassle-free start to an impeccable finish – and of course – good food in between. You will be in very good hands.

  • All about quality.

    We use the freshest ingredients. We’ve got a dedicated chef behind every item on our menu. We only prepare your orders an hour before delivery. We put strict rules in the kitchen so everyone applies proper food safety and hygiene. And we do all that with one goal in mind – to deliver food that’s consistently fresh, tasty, and of the best quality – to you.

  • Continual R&D.

    We like to challenge our chefs to come up with something new from time to time. And when something amazing makes it past our stringent selection process, we put it on the menu for all to savour. Because good food ought to be shared.

  • Make a good impression.

    Good-looking food is often the first step to a good impression. Which is why we’re particular about how we present our food. Whether it’s a full buffet setup or a simple packaged meal – we make sure everything you receive looks extra delectable. With nothing out of place.

  • Responsible corporate citizen.

    Our people are important us and we always make it a point to provide a fair, safe and healthy working environment for everyone. We’re also conscious of how our actions can impact our community and our planet. And we’re constantly seeking ways to improve.


We are halal-certified!

Set up in 2004, Deli Hub is Neo Group’s first Halal-certified caterer. From the source of our suppliers to the food delivery process, we understand and comply to the standards required to maintain the Halal certification.

The Halal certificate and logo can be displayed at your event upon request so your guests can be assured. Go ahead, place your faith in us. And we’ll deliver.

Our certifications - you can count on us.

Industry recognised.

Setting our own standards is never enough. That’s why we always make sure we’re meeting the highest industry standards possible. It’s our form of responsibility to you, too.